Being six feet tall, I truly understand the struggles we face as tall girls and women. I know first hand what it's like being tall. I also know what it's like not being able to find trendy clothes, or even clothes that fit at all! I've been this height since the 6th grade, and with big feet, size 11. Growing up I always wanted to fit in and dress like my peers. I like prints, patterns, and bold colors! I just like to be fly! Unfortunately, I had to shop in the adult section. It wasn't cool! I remember telling my dad how frustrated I was and I wanted to start my own clothing line.
In 2009 I launched WEXIST Inc. in South Florida and hosted a tall girls gala. It was a huge success, and it was empowering to see my ideas become real and see that I had something valuable to offer tall girls and women in the fashion world. It was inspiring to have such a strong start, and I could see that WEXIST really had potential as a powerful brand with an important mission and message: helping tall girls and women around the world embrace our vertical gifts and feel confident expressing ourselves, knowing that we are not alone; and that when we stand together, we can change the world.
At that time, growing my family became a priority over growing my business, and I wasn't able to follow up on my immediate successes as i had originally planned. I held on to the vision however, and today I am a happily married, proud mother of 3, and WEXIST is still going strong!
We offer timeless and trendy pieces, help tall girls and women embrace their height, and unite tall girls through fashion.
My goal is to help women and girls celebrate our vertical beauty and bring awareness to the world that WEXIST ™️[wee.ig.zist]