Are all tall questions really that bad?

Tall girls are like walking models and billboards. We grab people's attention instantly with little to no effort and it's hard to go unnoticed! So naturally people may have questions about your height. I noticed some tall girls and tall women take offense to the questions. Granted there are times when people are just rude and it's okay to match their energy.  If the question is legit, what's the harm in answering them? I will share few questions that I've been asked.  

Most people see tall girls and tall women as models and just straight up dope! Again there are a few insane people that make you feel weird but they're just hating on your height.  The  top questions that tall girls are frequently asked

1. How tall are you?

2. Do you play basketball? 

3. Do you wear heels?

4.Is your significant other tall?

5. How's the weather up there?

That's just a few of the many questions that we're asked on a daily basis. It's okay to respond if you have time. I will share some witty responses in another blog! In the meantime watch the video as I explain how to embrace the questions!


What questions have people asked you about your height?  How did you respond?  

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