7 Tips For Tall Girls To Have a Productive Day At Home During The Coronavirus Outbreak

If you're working or going to class from home like the rest of the world  during the coronavirus outbreak, you're probably struggling with having a productive day! Here are 7 tips to help you have a productive  day while working at home.

1. Get dress! Even though you're sitting in your house get ready as if you're going outside.

2. No multitasking!

3. Create a timed to-do list and stick to it!

4. Eat! Food is the fuel you need to have a productive day.

5. Take little breaks the same way would at work or school! Breaks allow you to reset, refocus and refresh yourself and your thoughts.

6. Put your phone on silent. All those notifications are distractions that you don't need.

7. Find a clean and clutter free space to work.  

What tips did you find helpful? Have your own tips, comment below and share them with other tall girls and tall women. 

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