WEXIST ™️ uniting vertical beauties through fashion.

My name is Anita Pingue. I'm the founder and CEO of WEXIST ™️ Inc. I was born in Harlem, NY in 1986 and raised in Sumter South Carolina. I'm married and have two sons and a daughter. -I started WEXIST Inc because I know first hand what it's like being tall. I also know what it's like not being able to find trendy clothes. I'm 6'ft tall and have been this tall since I was 11/12 years old with big feet (size 11). Growing up I always wanted to fit in and dress like my peers. I like prints, patterns, and bold colors! I just like to be fly! Unfortunately, I had to shop in the adult section. It wasn't cool! I remember telling my dad how frustrated I was and I wanted to start my own clothing line. -In 2011 I launched WEXIST Inc in South Florida and hosted a tall girls gala. Things seem to be going well until life started to take a turn. I lost my vision and put WEXIST to the side. Struggling with depression, anxiety, finances, family and being a new mom I could not see myself being successful let alone running a successful business. With God, my husband, my children and my best friend I promised to work on me. I was a mess! I stayed positive when I could and continued to pursue WEXIST. Being a college dropout I had to teach myself how to manage all aspects of the business. With the help of Google, YouTube, mentors and more I'm here! Fast forward to today, I'm sharing my truth with you. That's a big deal for me(anxiety)!On this journey my goal is build more than a business and brand! I aim to build a lifestyle around being tall beyond the clothes. I'm aware of the problem and working daily to find the right solutions for your vertical beauty. While I get things right on my end, I've created a few inspiring and funny t-shirts plus more. Check them out and let me know what you think!

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